Network of Evaluators

International Network of Evaluators & Guideline for a Methodological Approach in Exercise Evaluation


Extensive evaluation plays a crucial role in civil protection exercises. It is used to document good practices and shortcomings which ensure training exercises reflect the changing needs and priorities of the civil protection community. Evaluation discovers and promotes what response units in the EU and beyond are capable of, when it comes to managing disasters.

INEGMA-E2 builds a standardised approach to independent evaluation and aims to reach a new level of evaluation that meets the high standards for documenting, replicating, and establishing goals. The project’s three key pillars consist of:

  • developing a strong and versatile evaluation methodology to address the range of exercises
  • exploring the existing tools used for data collection throughout the exercises
  • creating an international pool of evaluators which can be accessed by all relevant institutions.

Connecting the methodology, tools and network behind civil protection exercises will contribute to setting new standards for exercise evaluation and ensuring a pool of highly trained evaluation experts. INEGMA-E2 will also connect experts in exercise evaluation through a mechanism to share knowledge and good practices, a mechanism that has been designed for potential growth and scale-up in the future.

For more information please visit the Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network.